About Me


Welcome to Senior Women and Money. My name is Judy Strong and I’m a  single, senior woman who has been a “working retiree” for several years. Experience is really the best teacher, and I’ve learned a lot about cash flow.  My website is where I share insight, ideas and solutions to the financial crunch you may be facing right now.

Writing and Research

I’ve been writing for about fifteen years. After my husband died, I  published two books about grief and loss. Today, I write articles, a blog and e-books on subjects about seniors and the problems we face. This may include finances, grief, life-planning and making retirement your best life ever.

I love educating the senior community on the facts of surviving and thriving. My resources include experience – my own and others – and credible studies and reports. These may be found on government websites, academic papers or documented news articles.

Learning and Sharing

I know that what I’m experiencing is usually felt by others. Grief and loss brought many people into my life. I became certified as a grief facilitator, and worked with children and families.

People want and need to be heard and understood. The financial crisis was very frightening, and women have far less information and savvy than men. We often weren’t taught the finer points of earning, investing and building wealth.

That’s changing. People are more willing to inform and educate, especally women who have been there. My resources include government publications, the Women’s Bureau, magazine articles, studies and papers. There are also internet groups that are dedicated to women and financial security. Seminars, events, small groups and one on one talks are offered for the benefit of women.

I have a long history of researching and sharing what I know.  When I connect with people, I learn as much as I teach. And the support is the tie that binds.

Moving Forward

My goals for Senior Women and Money are about solutions to the problems of too little cash. One in four older single women today lives below the poverty line. That has to stop. We usually live longer, we’re motivated, and we have a zest for living. The older generation is the fastest-growing demographic in America, and only one in three women sixty-five and older is married. There is an enormous need for education.

I plan to research all the options that are open, and share the particulars with you. I also will connect with you and listen to your issues and ideas.

My goals for myself are to continue to learn, stay healthy, and earn the money I need to live my best life. I wish the same for you.

I wish you well,

Judy Strong, Founder