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Rank – #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended best daily supplement

Extra Support Supplement

Description – a vitamin and mineral supplement taken once a day. Provides extra support for bones, heart, brain and eyes. It’s smooth coated for easy swallowing. Made by Pfizer, a leader in health products. Centrum Silver is specifically made to address the nutritional needs of the aging population.

Pro – a complete vitamin and mineral supplement that is reinforced to boost support for bones, heart, brain and eyes. Not found in all daily supplements.

Con – Some have found the pill difficult to swallow. Centrum has a multigummie product and also chewables for consideration.

Specifications – Your doctor is the best source for information on the need for a supplement.

Best price – Amazon 

Discussions abound on the subject of daily supplements. I have taken this product for years, and especially like the extra support features. My eye doctor recommends that I have a nutritional supplement for my eyes, so this product fits the bill.

The effects of a poor diet include heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, fatigue, mental fuzziness, and weight gain.

The effects of a healthy diet, however, have both short and long term benefits. Short term, you will feel better, less tired, more alert and energetic. The long term benefits are realized by your overall health picture. Less chance of getting a major disease, probability of living longer and maintaining ideal mental and physical health.

What constitutes good eating? There are many sources for learning what your body needs on a daily basis. Medical resources, long-term studies and organizations give guidelines regarding what you should eat. Vegetables are high on the list. Food groups may give a general idea of nutritional needs – dairy, grains, protein, fruits and vegetables – and some studies will show specific food items and the vitamin or mineral it provides.

My grandparents never took a vitamin in their lives. They also grew food in the garden, never used pesticides and lived into their late 80’s and 90’s. Watch carefully how and where the food you buy is grown. Also, think about how it gets to your store or market. Then to your table.

Foods that are transported many miles away often sit on a truck, losing the basic nutrients enroute. If pesticides have been used, the produce needs to be washed carefully. Canned and packaged foods usually have a list of the vitamins and minerals that item originally contained. How much is lost by the time you buy it may be considerable. Freezing foods retains more nutrients than other forms of processing, and, of course, fruits and vegetables are delicious eaten raw.